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Below you can read excellent tips about garage door maintenance methods. Painting the door is a way of keeping it in good condition. Read more about it here and also why second torsion springs are often needed.

  • Inspect the hinges for wearing regularly

    Check them carefully on all sides. The worn sections are thinner and may be dented or chipped as well. Pay close attention to the cylinders where the roller stems sit. They should be perfectly round. If they are overall, the hinges have to be replaced. Get new hinges made from galvanized steel with low gauge to ensure that they will last longer.

  • How to keep your doors in tip top condition

    One of the best ways to keep your garage doors well maintained would be through lubrication maintenance. Although it is quite tiresome, constant cleaning is necessary. But the most important thing is after cleaning them; you would oil them as well.

  • Don't forget to paint the garage doors

    Unless you own aluminum overhead doors, which cannot be painted, all other materials can be varnished in order to protect them from elements. Painting the door panel is not only for aesthetic reasons but it will help you discover rust and protect the material.

  • Add a second torsion spring

    Most residential garage door systems have one torsion spring but the experts of our service provider in Casa Grande would recommend installing a second one, especially if the door panel is pretty heavy. It will give an extra support and the opener won't wear out fast.

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