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If you are puzzled about the new openers and need answers to your questions, just keep reading this page

  • Why there is a shaft under the torsion spring?

    There is a metal tube going through torsion springs and is called shaft. This keeps the spring in the right position and helps to the lifting of the door by turning the lift cable drums, which wind the cables. Without the shaft, the spring could be secured above the door. It's like a supportive tube.

  • Is a wood door a good option?

    Wood doors are actually preferred for their appearance and not for the material’s durability. Wood material easily contracts, expands, warps, and it needs regular maintenance. Moreover, this also requires refinishing or repainting every couple of years to make sure that it is in good shape. Despite this, the appearance of a wood door is definitely one of the best.

  • Can I use a universal remote for my opener?

    This depends on the model and brand of your opener and on the compatibility of the remote. You have to check all of these factors in advance. Generally, if you have lost your remote, you should consider a replacement unit recommended by the opener's manufacturer.

  • Why are loud sounds a warning for problems?

    Most garage doors are not completely silent since there are hundreds of parts moving to lift and lower the door but when they make louder sounds, it means that some parts do not operate well. Most of the times, it's due to friction among garage door parts and they will need immediate lubrication maintenance.

  • How do I deal with loose cables?

    You need to adjust them by tightening them. Disconnect the hook or clip at one end of the cable and move it further down at the frame. Remember that this is not an easy task because you must release the tension of the springs and it's best to seek assistance from Garage Door Repair Casa Grande.

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