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The metal tube that runs through your torsion spring is called the torsion shaft. Its job is to keep the spring in the right position and convey the rotational torque to the cable drums, which in turn wind the lift cables and raises the door. If something is wrong with the spring or any of the other related components, you should have our technicians take care of it.
This depends on the model and brand of your opener and on the compatibility of the remote. You have to check all of these factors in advance. Generally, if you have lost your remote, you should consider a replacement unit recommended by the opener's manufacturer. Contact our experts to find out what are the options available to you.
Most garage doors are naturally somewhat noisy, as there are all sorts of moving mechanical parts involved in their operation. However, if they start sounding louder and louder, and make strange noises that they didn't use to make, something is probably wrong. Most of the times, it's due to friction, which will require immediate lubrication. Other times, the underlying problem could be more severe. It's better to seek professional assistance right away.
Loose cables will need to be adjusted. This is not an easy or simple task because it involves releasing the tension of the springs. That is why it's best to get our technicians to help you. The risks of mishandling these components make attempting to do this yourself extremely dangerous.

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