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Garage Door Springs

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Why Your Springs May Need Adjustment

Garage Door Springs in ArizonaBeing one of the most important garage door parts out there, springs often need minor adjustments in order to function properly. Garage door springs are fairly easy to adjust yet this could be extremely dangerous in unexperienced hands. If your door is having issues opening or closing, closes unevenly or doesn’t close all the way, or opens and closes too quickly, those could be signs that your springs need a slight adjustment. Say, for instance, your door leaves gaps when it closes. In that case, you would need to adjust the spring that is on the same side where the gap is located. If your garage has trouble opening or closes too quickly, the tension needs to be increased, and decrease accordingly if the door isn’t closing all the way, opens too quickly, or has difficulty closing. We cannot stress enough how dangerous springs can be when it comes to DIY. If you are not sure you can do it %100, call us and we'll have it done for you.

Test the Balance After the Adjustment

After making adjusting the springs, it’s important to perform a balance test to make sure the adjustment was done correctly. If your garage door is still having issues, our company would be happy to stop by and take a look. It is possible that the spring might be near the end of its useful life, and would require a replacement.

Count on us to replace both springs safely and professionally if needed.

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