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Garage Door Springs

Door Springs | Garage Door Repair Casa Grande, AZ

If your door starts to get unbalanced, or slams shut and won't open at all, something is wrong with your garage door springs. These components play a vital role in the smooth and safe opening and closing of the system, but due to the high amount of tension they are under, they are extremely dangerous and must only be handled by professional technicians. Our team is here to help you with these vital components.

Regular Adjustment And Lubrication

The best way to maintain the proper working condition of these components – the only way to do so, in fact – is to have them regularly lubricated and adjusted. This will help them last longer, and reduce the wear and tear damage that they go through. It will also help your springs work less nosily, and make sure that your door remains even while it opens and closes.

Two Common Types

Today, there are a couple of different types of springs that are commonly used. Torsion springs are the preferred variety, as they utilize torque in order to raise and lower the door, which makes them stronger and more durable. Because they are installed above the door itself, they require a minimum amount of headroom to be available. Extension springs are the older type, and are the more dangerous of the two. They are installed perpendicularly (to the door), and therefore require more backroom. Because they stretch and contract, they are more likely to go flying when they break, and are often intertwined with safety cables to prevent that from happening.

Brain Over Brawn

Never try to perform spring replacement or adjustment by yourself. The tension involved in such procedures makes them incredibly dangerous, and you could get seriously hurt. Our experts at Garage Door Repair Casa Grande, AZ can take care of any spring related issue you're experiencing. All you need to do is give us a call and let our technicians safely handle things. Call us today to get the best service around.

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