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The Benefits Of Weatherstripping Your Garage Door

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The Benefits Of Weatherstripping Your Garage Door

The Benefits Of Weatherstripping Your Door | Garage Door Repair Casa Grande, AZ

Even if your garage is properly insulated, there will still be tiny gaps between the door and the opening's frame, which will provide a way for hot or cold air to escape, as well as allow for some outside weather to get inside your garage. Weatherstripping your garage door will help you keep your home more energy efficient.

The Weather Seals

Most door models come with a pre-installed bottom seal. This means that it's up to you to have weather seals or strips installed on the side and on the top sections of your door. There are two main installation methods. The first one involves setting up retainers that will hold the strips in place. The retainers will become part of the garage door and make the subsequent replacement of the seals easy. Alternatively, the strips can be installed with the use of small nails or staples. Although this will allow them to stay firmly in place, their replacement will be more challenging. If you want to make sure that this is done expertly, our team can help you.

The Right Material

The two main options that are available to you are vinyl and rubber. Both of them can do an equally good job of sealing the gaps between the door and the frame. Vinyl, however, is considered to be more durable than rubber and therefore will need to be replaced less often. Something to consider before buying the seals is their color. You'll probably want them to match your door in that regard, so as not to take away from its style and design.

Check The Material Regularly

Even weather seals of the highest quality will be subjected to natural wear and tear and will have to be replaced eventually. In order to evaluate their condition, you need to perform a special test. You need to get inside the garage, close the door, and then you turn off the light. If you see ambient light passing through the sides of the door, weather seal replacement will be required.

We Can Help You

With properly installed and maintained weather strips, the whole system including the metal parts like the garage door tracks will be better protected from moisture and other influencing factors. As a result, the system will have a longer useful life and you will save money in the long run. Give our experts at Garage Door Repair Casa Grande a call to get top quality weather seals installed.


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